"How Water Lilies Came To Be" (Transcription)

By Melesha J. Pesone
Sari Primary School
Grade Eight

Long time ago, there was a very beautiful and pretty young girl who was the age that girls got married. She lived with her parents and her two brothers in a very small village named Malapetes. They lived happily together.

One day there was a very big drought in her village. So the rain didn’t fall and streams and lakes were all dried up because of the hotness of the sun. Everyone in the village died of thirst and hunger.

During that season, the young girl’s duty was to find water to drink while her parents’ and her brothers’ duties were to break firewood and find food to eat.

One very early morning, she woke up and grabbed the container in her house and she walked a long journey to find water to drink. On her way, in the middle of the forest she saw a lake.

In that lake, she saw a very big and colorful eel fish jumping up and down. The fish told the girl to throw her container down so that he could fill the container with water. She was very frightened to give the container to the fish, but she just threw it down to the lake. Then the fish filled the container with pure and clean water and gave it to the young girl. Then she carried it back home and her family drank it.

Everyday the eel fish did the same thing to the girl while she went to fetch water. The girl later fell in love with the colorful fish until later she married the fish.

One day her parents wanted to know where she was fetching that clean water during that dry season. So they asked her and she said, “Don’t ask me that question.” That I saved your lives with fresh water is enough. Then they stopped talking.

Very early the next morning, while she went to fetch water her father used his magic to turn one of her brothers into a mosquito and told him to spy where she got the fresh water from. The spy saw his sister was talking with a fish. The spy flew back home and told his parents.

The parents were very angry that their daughter had fallen in love with the fish. Then they all went to where she was. Then her brother killed that fish and threw it to where their sister’s feet and they went back home. While she looked at her husband, the fish, the fish was dead already. She cried and cried for her beloved husband until at last she threw herself in the pool. As she was drowning, she gave birth to many, many children. Those children were born as water lilies and they are still floating today on the lakes and pools. Here the story ends!