"Muruk and Kokomo" (Transcription)

By Waravii Gilbert
Murik High School
Grade Ten

A long time ago in our ancestors’ day there was a story about Muruk and Kokomo. They were best friends and lived in the same tree in different branches, and did things together. In their house where they lived Muruk planned for them to do something, which they had come up with and Muruk thought was useful.

Early in the morning, Muruk woke up and made a big fire and sat down near the fire waiting for Kokomo to get up. He sat for a long time and Kokomo woke up from his nest. Muruk called out to Kokomo and said come down and let me tell you my plan for us to follow. Kokomo answered and came down and sat close to Muruk.

When they were sitting, Muruk told him to make a garden for them to plant some food crops for themselves. They both agreed and said tomorrow we will start, and in the afternoon they sharpened their working tools and got prepared for tomorrow.

The next day they woke up early and got their working tools, and Muruk flew past then followed by Kokomo. When they arrived they put their belongings aside under the shadow of a big tree and got onto clearing the bush. While they were still cutting, the sun went down. They flew back home without finishing the clearing. The next day in the morning, they went back and cleared to an end.

For three weeks they both have a rest in their house. They only found food for them to survive. They were very happy and made fun with something else while keeping them with a happy life.

After three weeks passed, on the last week of the month, they burned the garden. Two days after the burning and on the third day of that week early in the morning, they went to clear the garden.

In the garden they all put their belongings aside in the same place and started clearing the garden. When Kokomo was busy clearing, he saw Muruk have a rest and made fun of Kokomo while he was working in the sun. Kokomo was very angry, but he did not show it to Muruk. He kept on clearing the garden, and told Muruk to fly back home and cook food for them.

Muruk flew off with a happy life. When he arrived home, he did not cook food. He found some fruits in the bush and ate them. He came back and had a happy sleep without knowing that it was already dark and also not knowing that his friend was now at home.

When Kokomo arrived, he noticed that Muruk had not prepared any food for him. So Kokomo was very hungry and wicked. He just sat down slowly and started cooking. When the food cooked, he took it out from the fire and ate it and he went to bed.

From the bed, he made a plan to destroy Muruk so he would not be a friend anymore. So early in the morning, Kokomo told Muruk to fly to the garden. When Muruk flew away, Kokomo used his beak to drill through the branch where Muruk’s nest was built. Muruk waited for so long at the garden, so he flew back home and saw Kokomo resting in his nest. Muruk flew over to his nest and sat down quietly. After about two seconds, the branch of his nest broke and he fell on the ground. From the ground, he noticed that he was so injured. His two wings broke. So Kokomo made fun of him. Muruk was very angry and said you are nutty. You have not thought about what we did in the previous day. Muruk was sad that he had no way to fly up again. And so he became an animal of the land that you see today using his two legs.